You can find us here:

Room Study Educations Physical and Sport of
Technical University of Częstochowa

71 Dąbrowskiego Street
(opposite to CKS-Budowlani stadium),
42-200 Częstochowa

phone no. (48-34) 32-50-993 or (48-34) 322-73-67

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Harmonogram treningów
Andrzej Auguściak


- advanced/medium advanced group



advanced group

Maksym Grzywiński


advanced/medium advanced group

Our teachers are:

Andrzej Auguściak

5 DAN Aikido Aikikai,
2 DAN Ju-jitsu,
1 DAN Aikibudo
1 DAN Judo


Maksym Grzywiński

4 DAN Aikido Aikikai,
2 DAN Iaido,
1 KYU aikibudo,
2 KYU Ju-jitsu


The Czestochowa Aikido Club AGARU

History of Aikido Club "Agaru" in Częstochowa is related with Andrzej Auguściak, who graduated from the Higher School of Physical Education (today: Academy of Physical Education) in Gdańsk. There he received his Master's degree of Physical Education and certificate of a Second class judo coach, 1 DAN. During his first years in martial arts, he was taught judo at the Judo Section of the Academical Club of the Technical University of Częstochowa and at Sport's Club "Centrum" in Myszków.

In the early 80's, along with Krzysztof Kondratowicz, Ph.D. and other instructors from Kraków, Poznań, Zielona Góra and Kalisz, He was working on propagating ju-jitsu in Poland and creating the Internal Council of ju-jitsu instructors. As an owner of 2 DAN, he was a member of the Dan Commission. At that time, a ju-jitsu section of the Academicall Sport's Bond at the Częstochowa Polytechnic was created. Also cycles of self-defense courses for the young of Częstochowa were organised.

In 1988 A. Auguściak started cooperating with a judo and ju-jitsu instructor from Tarnów, and began training in Aikibudo. In 1990 at a seminary in France, conducted by Alain Floquet, he passed an exam on 1 DAN Aikibudo (an art containing techniques of Aikido Yoseikan, Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto-Ryu and Daito Ryu Aikijutsu).

For some time, he was developing his fascination with Aikido at summer schools organised by Marian Osiński from Szczecin. At that time, he started teaching Aikido and cooperating with the Aikido Association in Opole. In 1993 the Aikido Section of the Academicall Sport's Bond at the Technical University of Częstochowa was put in the records of the Polish Aikido Federation (PFA), which is a part of the International Aikido Federation (IAF), recognized by the Aikikai Foundation and Hombu Dojo in Tokyo.

Because of a fast growth of the section, and the status of Academicall Sport's Bond at the Technical University of Częstochowa, there was a need to create a club, opened for people from outside the University. In 1995, the Aikido Club "Agaru" was registered in the Polish Aikido Federation (PAF). There are about 30 to 40 members. Meetings are conducted by sensei Andrzej Auguściak or his instuctor, Maksym Grzywiński.