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Room Study Educations Physical and Sport of
Technical University of Częstochowa

71 Dąbrowskiego Street
(opposite to CKS-Budowlani stadium),
42-200 Częstochowa

phone no. (48-34) 32-50-993 or (48-34) 322-73-67

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Harmonogram treningów
Andrzej Auguściak


- advanced/medium advanced group



advanced group

Maksym Grzywiński


advanced/medium advanced group

Our teachers are:

Andrzej Auguściak

5 DAN Aikido Aikikai,
2 DAN Ju-jitsu,
1 DAN Aikibudo
1 DAN Judo


Maksym Grzywiński

4 DAN Aikido Aikikai,
2 DAN Iaido,
1 KYU aikibudo,
2 KYU Ju-jitsu


Gallery of masters

Kissomaru UESHIBA - son of Aikido's founder
Born in 1921, as the third son of Morihei Ueshiba, founder of today's Aikido. In 1946 he graduated from the Waseda University. In 1948 he became the chairman of the Central Aikido School (so called Hombu Dojo). Since 1967 he is the President of the biggest Aikido organisation in the world- Aikikai. After his father's death, according to the Japanese tradition, he became his successor. For his deeds in promoting culture, he received the "Blue Wisp Medal" from the Japanese government. K. Ueshiba often took trips abroad, to promote Aikido, by taking lead in international Aikido seminars. He died in 1999 - his successor is his son - Moriteru Ueshiba.

Koichi TOHEIKoichi TOHEI - 10 dan aikido
He was born in January 1920 in Tochigi district, known from its martial arts traditions. As a child, he was week and sickly. He spent a lot of time under special care of doctors. His father, who was a 4th dan master of judo at that time, thought that training judo would make his son stronger. Tohei started regular training at the age of twelve, and received a black belt when he was fifteen. One year later he started attending a school that was to prepare him to study at the Keio University. Not only was he studding, he was in intensive judo training. Soon after taking regular lessons, he was very sick, and had to leave the school for one year. He had to stay in bed for quite a long time. Then, he started thinking about his physical conditions. He realised that both his body and spirit were weak and always unsafe. He tried to make his mind stronger by spending a lot of time on breathing exercises and Zen practice. But that gave no result, and he was not able to win a judo match with a stronger and heavier opponent. One day, he heard about Aikido and Ueshiba. During one show, the two met on a training mat. Tohei remembered only one thing, the way he attacked Ueshiba. After a second, he was lying on the mat. That made a great impression on him, and from that time, he trained in Aikido. In 1968 he received the 10th dan, the highest possible in Aikido. He was the main instructor of the Central Aikido Dojo in Tokyo. Tohei takes developing "ki power" very seriously. He spends quite a lot of time on concentration and breathing techniques. In September 1971 he established the International Ki Association, where Ki principles are taught. He works mainly in Japan and the U.S.A., but he has also got a lot of followers in Europe.

Gozo SHIODAGozo SHIODA- 9 dan aikido
Born in 1915 in Tokyo. He was studied Aikido from O'Sensei Ueshiba for 8 years since 1933. He was said to be one of his best students. In 1955 he opened his own Aikido school, called Yoshikan. He was the Chairman and the President of the Yoshikan organisation, and an instructor of the Tokyo Police, Sophia, Meiji Gakuin and Takushoku Universities. In 1984 the International Martial Arts Federation honoured him with 10th dan and the title "Meijin of Grand Master". He wrote many books about Aikido, such as "Dynamic Aikido" and "How to Enjoy Aikido" and made a lot instructional films. He died on the seventeenth day of July 1994.

SAITO MorihiroMorihiro SAITO - 9 dan aikido
He was born on March 28, 1928. In July 1946, he met Professor Morihei Ueshiba, and became his student immediately. He lived and worked in Aikido dojo, even when he had a full time job. He was so devoted to his master and Aikido, that when he could chose between training and having a honeymoon trip, he stayed in Ueshiba's dojo. In 1959, thanks to his lessons, he became an instructor in the main Aikido dojo in Tokyo. After Ueshiba's death in 1969, he took over teaching in the so-called Ibaraki Dojo in Tokyo. He and his wife are taking care of a shrine that is devoted to master Ueshiba and lies near by to the Ibaraki Dojo. M. Saito also gives regular seminars in many universities, like Kanagawa, Ibaraki, Iwate and in the Japanese self-defence school. Ibaraki Dojo is opened for everyone coming from abroad, willing to practise Aikido in Japan. In 1985 M. Saito came to Europe for the second time and lead seminars in Sweden, Great Britain, Italy and France. He is the author of five handbooks titled, "Traditional Aikido", and a publisher of many instructional films. Saito is said to be one of the experts in using jo and bokken.

Christian TISSIERChristian TISSIER - 7 dan aikido
Born on February 7, 1951 in Paris. At the age of eleven, he started training Aikido in sensei Tavernier's club. He went to Japan to study when he was eighteen. Instead of spending six months, he stayed for seven years. He practised ken-jutsu as well as Aikido. He also studied kick-boxing since 1975 and spent time to study Japanese. He was also teaching French in a French secondary school and the French and Japanese Institute in Tokyo. He went back to France in July 1976 as a 4th dan master. In 1980 the Hombu Dojo gave him 5th dan Aikikai, and in January 1985, 6th dan Aikikai. In April 1997 he received from the Aikikai the 7th dan. Tissier is the nation-wide technical director of the French Aikido Federation (FFAAA). That means, that he is the technical co-ordinator for all instructors in the French Federation. Today, he gives regular training in his dojo in Vincennes (near to Paris). He has about 5000 students in Germany, a few hundred Polish dojos (Warsaw, Kielce, Kraków). He spends every weekend giving seminars in France, whole Europe, and even Africa and America. He was in Poland twice- in 1991 and 1997. Polish viewers could see a few of his presentations via Euro-Sport at the annual martial arts festival in the Bercy Sports-Hall in Paris.

Steven SEAGALSteven SEAGAL - 7 dan aikido
Born on the 10th April in Detroit, it was impossible to take control of him, ever since he was a young boy. His father, (who was a teacher), tried to persuade his son, and make him take up something useful. When the two took a trip to a martial arts show, young Steven was fascinated with the mysterious masters and their precocious techniques. At the age of 9, Steven started regular training. His determination to reach perfection made him better than his teachers were. He decided to travel to the country of martial arts. At the age of 17, he left to Tokyo. It took him two years to catch up with the Japanese students. He was full of energy.He often ventured into the bad neighbourhoods, duelling with the local troublemakers, and he was always victorious. Seagal spent fifteen years in Japan and achieved perfection in Aikido, Kendo, Karate-Do and Judo, and also took up some kung fu and tai chi. As a result, he opened his own school in Tokyo. Again the need for excitement and adventures made him take a few steps forward. This part of Seagal' s life is very unclear. We do not know if he was a CIA "martial artist in action", or did he "only" infiltrate narcotic cartels. In the jungle of Southern Asia, he developed his skills of using human body as the most devastating weapon, and learned some secrets of the Tibetan medicine. After coming back to the states, he settled down in Los Angeles and opened the first martial arts' school of his own. He had many students (or clients) from the movie industry world, including Sean Connery, Chuck Norris and James Mason. Seagal received his first dan in Aikido from Koichi Tohei himself.